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Find out the benefits of becoming a member of adoppo.com

The benefits of your adoppo.com membership: 


Full access to the entire adoppo.com community

All new members of adoppo.com are automatically ranked into a Level based on visitor count data entered during membership registration. See the What Is It and User Guide pages for more details. All members can search for potential partners, propose co-advertising partnerships, create networks, and request to join networks across all Levels.


Register up to 3 websites

Members can register up to 3 separate websites for the annual subscription of just £29.50+VAT. More can be added for £9.50+VAT per website per annum.


Unlimited usage

Members can create and request to join as many networks and enter into as many co-advertising agreements with other members as they wish during their subscription with adoppo.com. There is absolutely no limit.


No premium fees

We do not operate different levels of membership. All members get all the same privileges for the same annual subscription fees.


Freedom to set own advertising strategies

Members have complete freedom to set their own advertising strategies with no interference or restrictions from adoppo.com.


Private messaging

Every member has their own private messaging facility to communicate with other members.


Join networks and create your own networks

Aside from finding partners to co-advertise with, another great feature of adoppo.com is the ability for members to join existing networks and create their own networks. You may for example want to create (or join) a network with other members in the same business or industry, or with the same interests or hobbies. This facility is included in your annual subscription fee with no premium charges.


Sample co-advertising agreement

We provide a sample agreement for members to use as an optional guide when they want to co-advertise with each other. The agreement covers the basics such as how long the co-advertising will last, how big the ADs will be, AD content and quality and where the ADs will be placed on the websites. See the Terms and Conditions and the sample user contract for more details.


New adoppos posted to every member

All members have the option of telling us about the new co-advertising partnerships they enter in to. We will then post the details provided to us on the ‘New Adoppos’ section of every member’s dashboard with links to yours and your partners’ websites. Whereas other websites charge high costs to advertise to its subscribers, this service is included in your annual subscription fee with no premium charges.


Level changes posted to every member

Similarly, it is in member’s best interests to continually update their profile as their website visitor count grows. Posts will also be made on the ‘Level Upgrades’ section of every member’s dashboard with a link to your website. Again, this service is included in your annual subscription fee with no hidden fees or extra charges whatsoever.


Your details will not be passed to third parties

There are many websites that claim to give you something for “free”, but in fact, many of them are only out to collect your data and pass it onto marketing companies. Adoppo.com is a pay site. We don’t need to pass your data to any marketing company or any other third party. We give our pledge to every member that we never will under the current adoppo.com ownership. Refer to our Privacy & Cookies Policy for more details.


No annoying ads

We are bucking the trend of other networking websites. Adoppo.com will have adverts from main sponsors, but they will not be intrusive or repetitive and they will not be based on your previous browsing data. Refer to our Privacy & Cookies Policy for more details.


Special offers and discounts

We will work with all our sponsors to bring our members genuine exclusive offers and discounts. The ads from our sponsors will be beneficial for members. They will not be a constant bombardment of intrusive repetitive ads.

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