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What Is It

The new global platform for website owners

All members join adoppo.com for the same reason






Members can instantly start to find co-advertising partners with 3 simple and easy steps


Join-up and register your details on adoppo.com


All members have full search facilities throughout the entire adoppo.com community


Network, make contacts and find suitable partners to co-advertise with.

When you find a match, you and your new co-advertising partner become “adoppos”. You agree to put their AD on your website, and they agree to put your AD on their website. You get exposure to their web traffic, and they get exposure to your web traffic.

Adoppo.com provides the platform to enable members to create and fully control their own targeted website co-advertising and marketing strategy. It’s simple, very effective and members can make as many co-advertising agreements as they wish. It’s entirely up to each individual member.


We have allocated AD space for 3 adoppos ourselves. See the boxes at the bottom of the page.

We will place ADs for other websites in these spaces if they agree to place ADs for adoppo.com on their websites.

We won’t charge each other any fees for the advertising, but we will all increase our brand awareness and our website traffic through our co-advertising.



The concept of networking has been around for decades, but it has evolved significantly in more recent years to become an essential part of our everyday work, business and personal lives.

In addition to using adoppo.com to find other websites to co-advertise with, every member can also further develop their knowledge, experience and strategies by networking with other website owners on a global scale.

Members can request to join any existing networks and/or create their own networks on any topic. Through these networks, members can:

  • Engage and communicate with other members;
  • Exchange information, ideas and different models;
  • Exchange advice and experiences;
  • Expand their knowledge of their business, interest or hobby;
  • Develop strategies on an international scale;
  • Find inspiration from different cultures;
  • Exchange sales techniques;
  • Widen the scope of products or services;
  • Find new markets;
  • Find new customers, members, suppliers or manufacturers;
  • Organize online discussions, conferences and seminars.

Search Facility

Members have full access to search all other members’ websites across all Levels 1 to 8 of the adoppo.com ranking structure.

Finding adoppos to co-advertise with and grow your website traffic is just a step away.


Private Messaging

Every member has their own private messaging facility to contact and keep in touch with other members.

Added Benefits

Broadcast your success to the entire adoppo.com community with NO PREMIUM FEES

Tell us about your adoppo agreements and they will be publicised on every member’s dashboard with links to your websites.

Changes to your ranking in the adoppo.com ranking Levels will also be publicised on every member’s dashboard with links to your website.

Register up to 3 Websites

All members can register up to 3 websites for the fixed annual fee of just £29.50+VAT. More websites can be registered for just £9.50+VAT each per annum.


Your adoppo.com

All adoppo.com members enjoy the same privileges as each other and are free to contact however many other members as they like according to their own strategies.

How members deal with each other is also entirely at the discretion of the individual members.

Adoppo.com provides the platform to enable members to meet new partners and contacts. AD sizes, placements, content and quality etc. is all agreed between members with no involvement of adoppo.com.

We do provide some hints and guidance notes, and a template agreement to use if required, but the rest is up to individual members. Your strategy. Your choice. No premium fees.

Ranking Levels

Every new member will be automatically ranked in the appropriate Level as shown in the Table below based on the data provided during the membership registration process.

Members are advised to be completely truthful when entering the visitor count and use adoppo.com to its fullest advantage to climb through the ranks.

#Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8
Website StatusUnder DevelopmentActiveActiveActiveActiveActiveActiveActive
Visitor Count / Month00-10001k-5k5k-20k20k-100k100k-500k500k-1M1M+

What does it mean?

“ad” is for advertising, “oppo” is a traditional English word meaning friend, colleague or partner.

The partners you meet on adoppo.com become your oppos, your “adoppos”, your co-advertising partners.

Our Adoppos